Location Based Marketing


Connect Site Shopper™

Connect Site Shopper™ helps convert abandoned website visitors into clients. By installing a simple line of code called a data pixel, we can provide contact information for website visitors even without them completing a contact form. Connect Site Shopper™ helps to convert the other 98% of website visitors that do not take action. We can provide information like name, email address, address, phone number, credit score range, year, make and model of current car.

Benefits of Connect Site Shopper:

  • Website abandonment is decreased
  • Qualified leads are received daily
  • The data pixel captures hundreds of variable opt-in contact information from the consumers visiting the website.
  • Bot traffic is eliminated


Geofencing is a way to engage consumers based on hyper-local location, and can help a marketing program grow by triggering immediate sales as well as understanding a shoppers mindset.

For example, a store could establish a geo-fence surrounding their physical location and when users pass through, they receive a triggered alert like SMS, banner ad or email.

Connect Consumer Data Fencing™

Geo-fencing creates a virtual fence around a physical location and as consumers steps within the geo-fence , this triggers a typical action like display advertising to this consumer.

With Connect Consumer Data Fencing, we not only display mobile ads in real-time, but also match the prospect to "Big Data" opt-in consumer database. This allows us to deliver an automated, real time email to those prospects captured with the Connect Consumer Data Fence. We then provide the contact and demographic data for those contacts within the geo-fence directly to you via email or through your CRM.

You will receive the consumer's:

  • Full name/Address/City/State/Zip
  • Email Address/Phone Number(Scrubbed against National DNC List)
  • Year, Make & Model of Current Vehicle
  • Credit Range

What is Included in Connect Consumer Data Fencing Pro™?

  • Ad impressions(amount varies depending on the locations being targeted)
  • Connect Site Shopper™ -consumer website contact information
  • Banner Ad Creation
  • Data and follow up emails for contacts generated


Connect Consumer Data Fencing Pro™

When you combine Connect Site Shopper™+Geofencing+Connect Consumer Data Fencing™ you get one fully integrated system called Connect Consumer Data Fencing Pro. When running all together, your company can harness the true power of location based marketing.

What does this look like for my business?

First, you choose up to 20 locations to apply the Connect Consumer Data Fencing solution. Visitors to these locations will instantly receive an email from our company and also begin to see display banner ads throughout apps, web pages, and email. Ads will follow the consumers for up to 30 days and on various devices.

You will begin receiving the consumers contact information delivered to you on a daily basis via email or CRM. You can then utilize this information to feed into existing drip campaigns and social media marketing programs.

Your potential consumer pipeline will always be full with prospects that have buying behaviors based on your ideal clients and the locations they visit.



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